Almost six years after the sale, there are still clients coming through the door who assume I am the owner of the practice. This is the strongest testament to the fact that NVA strives to maintain the original culture of the practice, while guiding it forward to meet the challenges of the future.
Peter Freyburger, DVM
Cornell University, 1976
Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic
Tonowanda, New York

Read about why you should sell your clinic to National Veterinary Associates.

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Why NVA?

Local Practice of Medicine

NVA places great emphasis on supporting local medical standards as established by individual hospitals and practitioners. We believe that veterinary medicine is best practiced when doctors craft their own hospital and community specific strategies for high quality patient care and client services.  

NVA makes available the tools for hospitals to achieve their medical goals while avoiding any single standardized national plan that might not be the best fit for an individual hospital. The variety of tools and resources we provide include emerging research and care standards, access to our national medical database, human resource guidance, marketing support, recruiting assistance, tax preparation, and training and education for staff. Our veterinarians have the flexibility to determine what level of medicine they would like their hospital to achieve, and NVA will provide support to get them there.

Maintain Your Hospital Culture

We respect the local service culture that you have created, and work with all our hospitals using an individualized approach to ensure we maintain it.  We provide management support and expertise to your business, allowing you and your team to offer the best possible veterinary care as you continue to evolve and grow.  

Our management team has decades of experience in veterinary medicine, both with NVA and in private practice. We understand your issues and share practical solutions to help you deal with them effectively. We are selective when choosing hospitals to join NVA and look for hospitals with a history of strong service culture. 

Maintain Your Vision

We look to you to provide leadership and direction for the practice as the managing veterinarian and to continue to see clients. NVA will provide additional training to the hospital manager in your practice with whom we will interact to manage the day-to-day issues that arise, thereby relieving you of the management load you have historically shouldered.  Your work schedule and time-off will be negotiated to meet your needs.  Our approach is so successful that most sellers choose to stay employed with NVA significantly longer than intended.