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Seller Spotlight - Chris Carskaddan, DVM

My Story:

I graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2005. Fulfilling my life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian came after a first career in Federal Government sales and marketing. I received my undergraduate degree from Penn State University and went on to get a Masters from the American University. I worked for government contractor, traveling a great deal doing something my heart just wasn’t into. After much soul searching, I decided to quit what I was doing and work towards becoming a veterinarian. Looking back, this life changing decision was one of the best I have ever made. Dedicating myself to preserving the human-animal bond provides me with a level of satisfaction I’m sure can’t be found in any other profession.

Why I Chose to Sell to NVA:

Having had over ten years’ experience working in a business oriented profession, ownership was always my goal. I purchased a thriving hospital two years after receiving my DVM degree. My plan was to own for at least ten years, but my wife and kids were getting the short end of the work-family balance. Knowing that the hospital had grown exponentially in four years, I decided to finally take up some of the big players’ offers to at least explore the idea of an exit strategy. This is where NVA stood out above the rest. Their acquisition model was exactly what I was looking for--we were encouraged to continue practicing high quality medicine without any compromise to our mission and values. After selling to NVA on May 15th, 2012, I can still say the transition went exactly as promised.

Life After the Sale:

Staying on as the hospital’s Medical Director allows me to focus on being a veterinarian. The hospital continues to thrive and my staff sometimes forgets the hospital changed ownership. Unfortunately for my friends who have sold to other corporations, this is not usually the case. While I enjoyed aspects of ownership, I can now let my NVA team handle the details of running a very busy hospital while I dedicate my time to working up cases and learning to be a better veterinarian. I’m proud to be part of the NVA team, and I couldn’t imagine selling to anyone else.

Chris Carskaddan, DVM

Virginia-Maryland Regional College, 2005
Clocktower Animal Hospital
Herndon, VA
Joined NVA May 2012

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